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Trauma Therapy can help people increase their sense of wellbeing, gain insight into difficulties, change ways of behaving and find ways of coping

Life Transition & Crisis

Increase your ability to deal with change

and transition in your life.


Find a sense of meaning and purpose in your life when you have lost direction.

Develop your capacity to make decisions, have persistence and reach goals in the face of obstacles.


Improve your capacity to deal with loss and to cope with the grieving process.

Self Identity & Relationships

Identify how you express yourself through different parts of your personality and learn how to make choices about self expression.


Improve your capacity to build more successful relationships.


Develop your capacity to deal with conflict and emotionally charged situations.

Understand challenging group dynamics and improve your relationship in a couple or group.

Learn how to manage your anxiety and be more confident in challenging situations.


Understand how to manage your own stress levels and deal with other people who are stressed.


Develop strategies for managing your depression and increase your self esteem.

Learn how to manage your anger and respond with calm assertiveness.



Living with Stress,

Anxiety & Depression